Thursday, February 4, 2010

Time for science j**rnalists to grow a pair.

James Hrynyshyn on The Island of Doubt has some self-respect advice for other science journalists.
I have only one suggestion at this time, though hopefully more will become evident in the near future. The mainstream media has got to stop giving time and space to those who have no expertise in the field. Journalists who consider themselves in the business of supplying something akin to the truth have got to stand up to editors who insist on upon false equivalency or stop calling themselves journalists. News outlet administrators who pretend to respect their readers, viewers and listeners should read the riot act to anyone who blogs or otherwise works under their banner and insist they start respecting science if they want to continue in that capacity. Why the denial camp is winning (and we're all losing) the climate wars
SciGuy re: "feedbacks in a warming world"

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