Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Americans don't do second best.

Unlike the divisive & obstructionist politics of No, Not-Here, & No-How, responsible, informed Americans are not willing to send all our jobs & those of our children & grandchildren overseas to China & India & Europe.
Republicans and Democrats may not see eye to eye on the threat of global warming -- I happen to think the evidence is overwhelming. (Applause.) Some disagree. That's -- we can have a respectful argument there. But shouldn't we agree that American homegrown energy is good for our security, and that new clean energy jobs are good for our economy? (Applause.) Can't we all agree that these jobs shouldn't be going to China or Germany or Spain -- they should be right here in United States of America.
And unlike anti-science naysayers who deny the climate science, responsible, informed Americans of all colors & creeds are willing to pay as we go.
So the PAYGO rule helped create those record surpluses back in the 1990s. You remember that? That was way back when -- (laughter) -- instead of the record deficits that we had when I came into office. And the concept here is, as I said, is it's very simple. You want to start a new program? Go ahead. But you've got to cut another one to pay for it. That's how we'll make sure we're spending your money wisely. You want to cut taxes for somebody? That might be a good idea, but you got to find a way to close the revenue hole, so that everything actually adds up. That's how we'll get our deficit under control. (Applause.)
Responsible, informed businessmen & citizens will not rest until businesses are hiring, wages are rising, & the middle class is thriving once again. We will not cede our economic future to China or anybody else. We don't settle for second best.
So I won’t rest until businesses are hiring again, and wages are rising again, and the middle class is thriving again, and we’ve finally got an economy that works for all Americans, not just some Americans. I won't rest until we do what we know has to be done to secure our leadership in the 21st century. I don't want to cede our future to China and India and European countries. I'm not willing to settle for second place -- not for the United States of America. (Applause.)
Perhaps, you do.

Remarks by the President in Town Hall Meeting in Nashua, New Hampshire

Oh, and don't forget your (Applause.)

SciGuy re: "solar and wind can replace coal in global electricity production"

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