Wednesday, February 3, 2010

The United States of Science

Our great nation is on the verge of another historic turning point where sound economics and sound science can vault our technology rapidly forward into the natural universe of our planet & beyond.
When future American economic and science historians assess the course of the nation in the early 21st century, they might well identify February 1, 2010, as a landmark date.
Incentivizing commercial space ventures will fuel innovation & accelerate our exploration & colonization of other planets, as did commercial enterprise 500 years ago the exploration & colonization of the New World.
The Bush administration’s cheap public relations gimmick, which touted a return to the Moon without substantial benefits for science, has been dropped in favor of commercial ventures for manned spaceflight and new technological development to provide a lunar source of rocket fuel and other innovations. This is sound economics and sound science—and an example of trimming government spending even in the science sector when cuts are warranted.
Young Americans everywhere are ready once again to follow the revolutionary spirit of the enlightened founders of this great American experiment and put reason before religion & partisan politics to become born-again as The United States of Science.
We’ve observed in Science Progress on several occasions that the founders of our country appreciated the new nation’s need for strength in science, oftentimes more than some of their benighted successors in government. That’s why it is encouraging that we have a president and an administration with a vision in the founders’ spirit. Now Congress needs to do its job to ensure that the United States of Science rescues America—and perhaps the assumptions behind the global stability on which we depend—from a decade of financial mismanagement.
Out with the old, in with the young. That's the nature of homo sapiens sapiens & his ancestors, and perhaps, other intelligent species out there wondering.

SciGuy re: "The outcome was preordained when Obama was elected"

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