Thursday, February 4, 2010

Science Journalism in abscentia.

Where are all the major newspapers covering all the recent shenanigans about all the errant science reporting by major newspapers? That surely would be a service to the public & science community, wouldn't you think? To show that they aren't ashamed to follow a higher standard of science journalism and report the mistakes of their own & other science reporters & editors.
There have been new developments in Leakegate, the scandal swirling about reporter Jonathan Leake, who deliberately concealed facts that contradicted the story he wanted to spin. Deltoid can reveal that Leake was up to the same tricks in his story that claims that the IPCC "wrongly linked global warming to natural disasters". Bryan Walker has the detailed dissection, but the short version is that Leake took one part of the discussion of one paper in the IPCC WG2 report and pretended that this was all it said, entirely ignoring the WG1 report and the discussion of other papers in the WG2 report. Leakegate scandal grows
The Sunday Times article [by Jonathan Leake, Science and Environment Editor] is simply untrue. It is lazy, sloppy journalism at best, deliberate misinformation at worst. It has been taken up trumphantly by the denialist world and reported widely and uncritically by other newspapers. I hope the paper is ashamed of what it has achieved, but I fear it will be rejoicing at the attention it has gained. UK Sunday Times’ sloppy journalism attacks IPCC
Assessment of observed changes and responses in natural and managed systems

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