Wednesday, July 28, 2010

"We're insulting our global environment..."



  1. This is like taking a tour of your mind. Except it's unguided. Eerie.

  2. We do offer a guided tour during church services on Sundays for groups of 25 or more, for a small per head fee, of course. So bring friends & ante up.

  3. LOL This is more fun and a lot less expensive. No air fare required.

  4. Only at the cost of your attention for a moment or two, &, perhaps, some old myths.

  5. You want us to connect your dots again? Sheesh!

    Try using a medium pencil or broader brush.

  6. LOL Indeed. I don't have the advantage of all your life experience, so you'll have to help me out.

    What you think you are clearly implying is about as clear as mud.

  7. LOL Ask me again when I have had more than 5 hours of sleep in any given night.

  8. Not a good sign, take it from us. Best get out & get some real exercise walking the trails & hiking the mountains.

  9. Clearly you have never been to Houston. There are no mountains. Not for at least 600 miles, if you count the technical mountains at Big Bend. Which, by the way, if you have never been, you really need to visit. One of my favorite places on this planet. And I've been to a few.

  10. In our day, we've had several close encounters with Houston & its geography: flat & flatter, occasionally sprinkled with flatest.

    Born to run ridges in WbgV, we really appreciate the foothills & mountains peppering & slicing up SoCal, esp. with trails right out back.

    600 miles, huh? Best bring an extra pair of cross-trainers.

    And lots of energy bars.

    Take it from Dr. Weil who's even older than the both of us.
    [Don't let the venue break your stride.]

    His site has all kinds of healthy tips for the younger at heart or no heart at all.

  11. Thanks for the tips - I am familiar with Dr. Weil. He's pretty cool for an old dude. And I guess you are younger than I thought. ;-) My problem is probably the computer. Google and I are attached at the hip, whether by phone (Android, of course!) or netbook or pc...

    And I love to exercise, so that's not it. It's a variety of issues - my son waking me up, or my daughter's alarm blasting at 6:30 on a Saturday morning - things like that. I am not complaining - Super B Complex really does help me get through the day.

    SoCal is beautiful - I have been several times and I do envy the geography and the climate. Not enough to live there though! LOL I don't think I'll ever live on the West Coast - too lib for me.

    I love running too. Although I wouldn't classify it really as running though, lol. But I have to remember to go buy some little girl socks - my feet are too tiny for the adult women's socks and now I have blisters from my workout today. Bummer.

  12. Shall we move the conversation over here? This is soooooo inefficient.

    Anyway, I thought I was really very clear on what I wanted. Really simple and easy - especially for you.

  13. re: "I don't think I'll ever live on the West Coast - too lib for me."

    If you knew SoCal like we know SoCal, you'd know that several close friends are more tea party & most others more progressively conservative than liberal. But we're definitely less parochial & provincial.

    And much of our family & old school friends are more east coast redneck.

    re: "Really simple and easy - especially for you."

    Humor us with a really simple & easy clue.

  14. Guess you're still thinking? Need some more hints?

  15. We figured it out way back when it was inadvertently leaked & wondered when you'd chime in, but since that's classified material, we'd thank you very much to delete it from your files & memory.

  16. LOL! I don't know whether to believe you or not. But that actually wasn't the word I was thinking! But I will operate under the assumption that you have inadvertently provided some information I am seeking.

    If this is indeed true, then I really am even more impressed. Extremely clever. As in old school clever, when people still knew what clever was, unlike nowadays.

    Do you think I am just that awful? You know, with just a little information I will stop pestering you. I promise! You'll then be free to resume your happy life, brat-free.

  17. Of course, you could just completely ignore me and that would take care of it too. :-(

    I apologize if I alarmed you, that certainly wasn't my intention.

  18. No harm. As we shared earlier, our anonymity is highly prized & our better halves concur. You may have misunderstood.

  19. I understand completely. But, it is illogical to have a public blog for such an anonymous person. You will never increase your readership without some personalization, therefore you are wasting your time. If you are wasting your time, why do it?

    I guess that is what puzzles me most of all. You are incredibly intelligent, fairly reasonable, well-read, unbelievably internet-savvy (for an old dude especially), and yet you persist in this? Really, it's almost Quixotic in nature. Since I am almost insufferably pragmatic, I cannot fathom your motivations behind this.

    But, no worries, and no justification needed. Merely one more unsolved mystery in a sea of mysteries. Moving on.

  20. We thought we'd made our motivations clear. We were exploring & experimenting with the potential & power of website & blogging technology. We never planned to make it too verbose or too public. Who wants to moderate all things obnoxious & inappropriate at all hours of the day & night, esp. when too busy running other overt things? Not us. That's SciGuy's cup o tea.

    Besides, Darwin didn't go public with his transformatory homo sapiens masterpiece for decades until threatened with preemption by Wallace. How we view ourselves has never been the same since. So standby.

    Fairly reasonable? Ouch! Our friends would say eternally optimistic. Our boys would say totally unfair.

    BTW, a new school of incredibly intelligent, fairly reasonable, well-read, unbelievably internet-savvy (young & perhaps old) anons run excellent science blogs. Tamino's Open Mind for one, Eli's Rabbett Run for another, & Deep Climate's Deep Climate for still another. And, as god is our witness, they are very credible as they waste not their time. Such savvy anons keep us AGW alarmist anons very well-informed & duly vigilant, if not truly alarmed.

    We're very sure they each have their own good fairly reasonable professional reasons for their anons. As do we.

    "No justification needed". Very old school sly of you, we must say.

    Anonymously yours,


  21. Make that "Rabett Run" with only one anonymous 'b'.

  22. Color me incredulous when you talk about three years of experimentation. That's why you link to it, right? LOL

    Also, I wasn't being sly. I am not sophisticated like you, old man. I don't do sly. At least not on purpose.

    Hmm... this is twice now you have mentioned a significant other. Perhaps you do not remember me mentioning my partner in previous comments elsewhere? My husband is an electrical engineer and project manager for an international company's subsidiary here in Houston. He is a fantabulous husband and father. He also happens to be an Arab. Our son, therefore, is a Magyarab. We laugh like crazy over that. He is the cutest thing on the planet, next to his brother and sister.

    So anyway, back to sly. I am a busy woman and I don't have time for sly. I am direct and to the point. If you want to know something or say something, just say it.

    Sadly, yes, I lose some of the more beautiful aspects of language and conversation, but that's what old people like you are for. When (if) I ever have time, I might develop that skill, but until then it ain't happening. For now I have to content myself with observation.

  23. We'll color you green, like the flag.

    "Results? Why, man, I have gotten lots of results! If I find 10,000 ways something won't work, I haven't failed. I am not discouraged, because every wrong attempt discarded is often a step forward...." ~Thomas Edison

    We're on 2,010, so patience, my dear.

    Actually, we have a fair number of websites & blogs in far reaches of the web. Unfortunate for your heathen quest for 'i', since many are under various anons.

    Significant other? We thought you should know. Fantastic for you & your fantabulous family. Focuses purpose of life. And just wait 'til the grandkids arrive.

    Electrical engineer? We have experience with that both in the Nuke Navy & Nuclear Industry for over 20 years. Throw in some business management, legal consulting, investing, an acoustic guitar or two, some mountain trails & bikes, an unbridled passion for books & music & all things history & science, a giggle of sons, & voila, moi! We also write. Our better half is another anon in the medical profession. She prefers it that way, too.

    As far as you being direct & to the point & not doing sly, we're not done with you yet over at SciGuy. And neither is your classmate #5. But you'll have to master sophistication all by your lonesome.

    Sadly, yes? Whatever in the hell are you talking about? Are you communing with your Magyar ancestors, again? We often find ourselves haunted by Poles & Germans & English, & who knows whoever else. Bastards r us.

  24. Thank you, but I prefer red.

    You know, that's about the twelve millionth time you mentioned "anon". Maybe you've forgotten? There are treatments for that. And while you are at the doc's, you can get an update on your other condition.

  25. Red, of course, we can see it all now.

    We Anons don't need no treatments; we need better copyright lawyers.

    So, a picture of Anon emerges: a witty, slightly cynical, philosopher of the people. He could sum up the essence of an idea in one pithy sentence. Though many others plagiarized his works, he never complained. He must have cared little for money, for there is no record that he was ever paid for any of his work.

    And, perhaps, better PR.

    Anon demonstrated that the best way to achieve recognition is by not seeking it. He was unconcerned about the judgment of posterity, for he said, "Be not obligated to posterity. What has posterity ever done for you? The critical judgment of posterity comes too late to be useful."

    And in still another retort to your Bravo!

    Of course any conclusions about Anon, the man, might have to be modified if it were shown that Anon was a woman. The true sex of Anon may be a matter of dispute among scholars, yet we have no reason to believe that Anon ever had the slightest concern about this question.

  26. Um, you do know the "Bravo" comment was referring to this blog, right?

    Trust me, if ever I were to somehow discover any real information about you, not even you would know. So feel free to "Anon" away!

    Cute boots, not so cute mammal. That was pretty low, even for you. Just for that, take this!

  27. You do realize I don't believe a damn word you type anymore, right?

  28. Good point. Just a reminder, in case you've forgotten. With your advanced age and all.

  29. Nice software - I already have something like it on my phone though. I am not much of a talker.

  30. A Hungarian-American female Texan who isn't much of a talker? Try another one, sweetheart, cause that hound don't hunt in this neck of the woods.

    Why would an old schooler in South Texas carry a new-fangled Galaxy S smartphone loaded with the latest voice-recognition software if she were truly "not much of a talker"?

    Are we to gather that you live & die by texts & tweets just like the rest of kid nation?

  31. "that hound..." Hilarious! And old-timey too. Yep, believe it or not, I am really not much of a talker. My mom constantly complains. Never mind that she talks enough for the both of us. I don't text all that much either - mostly with my daughter. She blows the average out of the water. And I am sure you have seen my twitter account already. I don't tweet much. I guess you could say I am more of an information gatherer, rather than an information transmitter... I use my phone to that end too.

    I have a feeling you are the exact opposite.

  32. Information gatherer? So how many years has that been going on? Shouldn't you at least be experimenting or something?

    Exact opposite not. Rarely over 1100 min/mth. Wallflowers r us.

    The boys rip up the texting; tweets are a waste by their standards. But we all burn up the megabytes, sometimes a half-gig or so each.

  33. Wallflower, eh? You still beat me! I'm lucky if I hit 1000 minutes in a month, even when I talk with my mom. Data though, I definitely burn that up. I communicate via IM and FB more than voice. No wonder I have carpal tunnel.

    Regarding gathering - hey, knowledge is power. Hehe. Just kidding. Sort of. Actually, I am just a collector.

  34. On a side note, I believe I may have been "moderated"! Either that or Eric is just really slow this evening. What a bummer.

  35. We highly doubt it. SciGuy only moderates when you get too rowdy or too raunchy. And neither your rowd nor your raunch has gotten too y as of late.

    More likely it's server issues. Send him a side note.

  36. Eric does "not funny". He does "didn't see it", too. Resend it

  37. Quite commanding, aren't you?

    Can you believe I still haven't read that book? It's sitting on my shelf, mocking me.

  38. This isn't funny, but it might interest you. I always get my breaking news from twitter first.

  39. Cognizant that the world of securities has more hucksters & con artists than Enron had market schemers, we cynical old schoolers prefer a credible analysis have more than 140 characters. NPR Android App

    Although, we have been caught Seeking Alpha.

  40. I wouldn't trust twitter for market analysis either. However, as I mentioned, it is handy for breaking news, and it is often faster than other sources. Knowledge is power. Twitter can predict the market too.

    I try to avoid NPR. I am somewhat tenderhearted, so the stories often leave me teary-eyed. It's hard to drive or type through tears.

    Seeking Alpha is new to me - I will have to pass that along to DH. He'll enjoy that one for sure. Thanks! Are you "just" a user, or an author as well?

  41. Heard the Twitter Mood Predicts The Stock Market the other day.

    "But there are at least two good reasons to suspect that this result may not be all it seems. The first is the lack of plausible mechanism: how could the Twitter mood measured by the calmness index actually affect the Dow Jones Industrial Average up to six days later? Nobody knows."

    "The second is that the Twitter feeds Bollen and co used were not just from the US but from around the globe. Although it's probably a fair assumption that a good proportion of these tweeters were based in the US in 2008, there's no way of knowing what proportion. By this reckoning, tweeters in Timbuktu somehow help predict the Dow Jones Industrial Average."

    NPR also ran a blurp yesterday.

    From our perch, it all smacks of emotional tweets where sapsuckers are soon severed from their rent money.

    "Seeking Alpha" is only one of many resources, but we find it most rewarding. You can never know too much when playing the markets.

    Next to the BBC, NPR is probably as unbiased as news can be in the States. So, tune in "On Point" & "To the Point" & wipe away those mobile tears by tweeting yourself to some Jesse Cook.

    Us authors? Next you'd wanna know what or where. However, since any response might be more 'i' than a green Texan tweeter can handle, we'll spare you & the markets the mood swings.

  42. "From our perch, it all smacks of emotional tweets where sapsuckers are soon severed from their rent money."
    Do you have to think about writing like this or does it just come naturally? It's so much fun to read!

    Sorry, but I just can't resist: So, did NPR run a "blurp" or a blurb? LOL

    NPR unbiased? Wow. Really? Hmmm... Out of curiosity, what do you think about the whole Juan Williams thing?

    So typical of you - I was looking for a yes or a no, not an evasion regarding your writing. I wasn't going to ask for too much detail - certainly nothing identifiable. I am not sure how much time you think I may have, but I assure it's not enough to track down a person who categorically doesn't want to be found. I absolutely respect your wishes with regard to anonymity.

  43. It's more like thinking in pictures & painting with words, although we do wrestle with the write colors now & then.*

    A hangover from our comic-booked youth, no doubt.

    For example:

    Blurp, as in the sound you hear in the background when splashing through the rain. Often accompanied by gurgle, gurgle.

    Juan Williams? Unfortunate affair, but so was Dan Rather's.

    Mark Green paints a level-headed assessment.

    And we are anything but typical, lady. Evasive, perhaps.

  44. "wrestle with the write colors" - love it!

    Okay, blurp - I see that now. Clever! And very visual.

    Hmmm... Unfortunate affair, indeed. Very bad timing as well.

    Evasive, perhaps. Perhaps. Perhaps? There has got to be a better way to express my amusement than LOL. I guess I didn't read enough comic books.