Thursday, July 29, 2010

Doctor Feynman, I presume?


Have you heard this one? It's a tale, full of sound & fury, told by & about Dr. Judith Curry at Climate Progress and RealClimate and elsewhere upon the stage...

Curry jumps the shark
Hey JC, JC, that's not alright by me
How the mighty have fallen

If climate blogs can be believed, Dr. Judith Curry of GIT has been selectively mining intellectual, if not elitist, quotables like Steven Chu, Peter Gleick, and Richard Feynman in defense of some d[r]aft tribalistic notion of hers or, just as likely, somebody else's.

Should this all be very likely, before she makes her entry for Act 3, Dr. Curry may want to go back to the basics and ask herself, what would a sober, ever-thoughtful Dr. Feynman have to say about her manic cherry-picking?

Or, if God be of her tribe, maybe hook up with Jimmy Swaggart south of the border somewhere to repent & beg forgiveness.

Thus go brief candles & walking shadows.

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