Friday, March 5, 2010

Tea bags, no jobs, please.

re: "Do you simply hate our modern society? Are you feeling guilty about driving to work every day? I seriously don't get it."

Thanks to the Party of No-Way, No-How, & No-Jobs, & their Saudi billionaire foreign oil buddies, the U.S. economy is missing out on the biggest technological revolution since the electrification of America.
How Germany, Spain, and China Are Seizing the Energy Opportunity and Why the United States Risks Getting Left Behind.
Clean energy technology is becoming a $2.3 Trillion [that's capital 'T'] dollar industry in only 10 years.
By 2020, clean energy will be one of the world’s biggest industries, totaling as much as $2.3 trillion. Over the past year, other countries made huge investments to seize the economic opportunity provided by the historic shift from fossil-based energy to renewable, low-waste electricity and fuel. These investments weren’t made out of thin air, but were a result of intentional public policies, which in turn provided a strong stimulus for new public and private investment in new clean-energy markets, infrastructure, and human resources.
China, Germany, & Spain are already out of gates and heading down the stretch, while the obstructionist Republican Party of Tea-Bags-No-Jobs-Please has America still stuck in the stalls.
China, Germany, and Spain are early winners in the next great technological and industrial revolution. Many other countries such as Denmark, Japan, and South Korea that we do not discuss in this report are also forging ahead with ambitious clean energy economic strategies. The United States, which has yet to fully embrace a truly sustainable growth strategy for the low-carbon future, is not.
And so now, American renewable energy companies are relocating to the People's Republic of Communist China.
Less than two years after building a solar manufacturing plant in Devens, Massachusetts, Evergreen Solar—an early U.S. pioneer in solar photovoltaic technology—announced plans to move part of that operation to Wuhan, China.
So let's get the lead out & our horses out on the track & fire up those investors before the race is over & we go home even broker.
The race toward a clean-energy future is underway, and those nations that lead will reap enormous economic benefits. With the right investments and smart policies, the United States can be among them, a top player in the emerging global low-carbon economy.
Out of the Running?

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