Friday, March 5, 2010

AWEA on Renewable Energy Standards & American Jobs

re: "Our economy is at risk, because these jobs are being created overseas."

Utter disinformed tea party palin-beck propagandic nonsense, pilgrim. Our economy is at risk because we haven't yet invested in sufficient manufacturing base necessary to produce the sheer volume of electrical components needed for wind turbine farms here & in foreign markets.

While the Bush/Cheney administration pumped trillions of our taxpayer dollars into foreign oil subsidies & foreign oil wars & foreign EXXOM mega-profits, Europe & China provided the necessary government regulatory infrastructure & stimuli to attract 100s of billions of investment dollars into renewable energy manufacturing capacity & demand.

So again, thanks to the utter stupidity of the Party of No-Way, No-How, No-Jobs criminal malfeasance & disgovernance to line the pockets of EXXOM Rex Tillerson's & Denier-in-Chief James Inhofe's Saudi billionaire buds, we're now relegated to playing catch up.

And catch up we'd better, else trillions more of our taxpayer dollars will flow to Prince Al-Walid & Prez. Chavez & EXXOM boardroom bonuses, instead of building a strong manufacturing base in renewable clean technologies to provide jobs for 100s of thousands of long-unemployed construction & industrial American workers.
"Rather than adopt policies that will kill American jobs, Congress should enact policies that will create jobs by encouraging manufacturers to invest in U.S. plants. That means passing a Renewable Electricity Standard now."
"The Recovery Act has been creating jobs by helping finance new American wind energy projects that have broken ground or been completed since the Act was passed. The proposed moratorium and legislation would kill this effort and destroy the momentum for one of the few industries that has been creating jobs and economic growth."
"It is unfortunate that the proponents of this moratorium and legislation are using a deeply flawed study as the basis for a policy that would destroy tens of thousands of American jobs."
"We support the goal of continuing the rapid expansion of U.S. wind manufacturing. More than half of the value of wind turbines used in U.S. wind projects is domestically produced, and that percentage is increasing every year as more turbine makers build U.S. manufacturing capability. We do not have the capability today to produce 100% of wind turbine components in the U.S., but we can grow our manufacturing base and add 274,000 American jobs if Congress passes a strong Renewable Electricity Standard." AWEA

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