Thursday, March 11, 2010

Sic semper tyrannis!

Now, it's become even more transparent that EXXONMOBIL foreign-oil subsidies are behind the tobacco-like propaganda campaign to deceive the American public.
Big Oil is using fake “Americans” to defend billions in tax subsidies. The American Petroleum Institute is running full-page ads in Politico and Roll Call that attack Congress for “new energy taxes”.
The target of this ad is the Obama administration’s effort to remove $36 billion in loopholes and subsidies for the oil industry. As it turns out, the “Americans” presented in the ad are stock photos from Getty Images.
Americans are paying the price for these subsidies with our tax dollars, our health, and our national security. Removing these subsidies would “ripple through the economy” by unleashing a clean-energy future.
This is just the latest in a stream of polluter front groups using stock photos in Astroturf campaigns against clean energy policy. API was recently caught trying to add diversity to its dirty ads by photoshopping minorities into stock photography. West Virginia’s “FACES of Coal” turned out to be from And Virginia’s “Coalition for American Jobs” is a stock-photo front group for the American Chemistry Council.
Big Oil uses fake “Americans” to attack fake “energy taxes.”

Americans red-white-&-blue need to stand up to these oil industry executive liars & deceivers, already drenched in our red blood from oil wars, before it's too late.

Remember when tobacco company execs in expensive suits & straight faces, all the while funding denier campaigns of no scientific connection between tobacco or nicotine-addiction & cancer, repeatedly told deliberate lies to the American people under oath? How many of our family & friends suffer from or have already died horrible deaths from smoking cancer, coronary & heart diseases, & related killers?

Remember the last time something like this happened in Germany when facts were subverted by lies? How many of our parents & grandparents paid the price for such power-mad manipulation & deceit?

Enough is enough! Sic semper tyrannis!

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