Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Jebus in the sky.

Apocalyptic or dogmatic, canonical or apocryphal, the god message is all the same, pilgrim.
Believe as we say & do as we say. It's Allah's word, trust us, we speak for that spirit in the sky, all 1, 2, 3 or more of them. And you will be saved, you will have eternal life with Jebus & Daddy.
After all, He loves you.
You will once again be with your father & mother, spouse & child in paradise, perfect with no pancreatic cancer, no coronary heart disease, no high blood pressure or high cholesterol; no Parkinson's, no dementia, no Alzheimer's; no missing legs, eyes, fingers, or toes; no overdue bills, no home foreclosures, no unemployment; no alcoholic fathers, no dying mothers, no depression, no suicide; no brain-damaged children, no drug-addiction, no abuse or neglect; no wants, no worries, no sorrows, no pain; only eternal, everlasting, heavenly bliss.
After all, He loves you.
But only if you believe what we tell you to believe, do what we tell you to do, and, oh yea, put your savings & credit cards in the basket & envelope & direct deposit, attention to Jebus.
After all, He loves you.
And if you don't believe as we say, do as we say, &, in catholic cults, confess your transgressions, real or imagined, to us, well, it's to hell with you & yours, for all time, no ifs, ands, or buts. Burn, baby, burn!!!
After all, He loves you.
Remember, if you'll pardon the pedophilia, we are Jebus' holy ordained ministers & spokesmen on planet earth, we are the keepers of the truths revealed by Jebus & his Daddy & invisible messengers & dreams to our bronze age forefathers & blessed by the superpowers of Roman Emperors, holy or otherwise.
Nice, pleasant thoughts; all subservient, childish nonsense.

About time for rational men to grow up & grow a pair, pilgrim, esp. in a nuclear age.

In the 21st Century, a society or flock, who continue to place homage & deference to imaginary beings & perfunctory priesthoods ahead of science & technology & progress, will continue to suffer from ignorance & poverty, disease & malnutrition, bigotry & racism, wars & ethnic cleansing.

It's up to a more highly-evolved homo sapiens to apply science & reason to resolve the inequities & crises in the world, not some Jebus in the sky.

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