Monday, March 1, 2010

Not another goddamn Global Warming Denial thread!?!

Recent visits to Eric Berger's SciGuy blog @ the Houston Chronicle confirm what the climate science-minded have always suspected -- it's yet another MSM outlet infiltrated, if not yet overrun, by marauding denialosaurs that feed at EXXOM-funded anti-science websites like Steve McIntyre's Climate Fraudit & Tony Watts' UpHisB*tt.

In low-lying, hurricane-prone, parochial Houston, Anti-Science Deniers do what they do best -- desecrate the science when not busy manufacturing scientific scandals:
This is the real story exposed of "Climategate". It has been the most egregious and unfounded attack on the integrity of a profession we have ever seen.
It turns out that almost all of the mistakes are fabrications. ... The stories were all written by Jonathan Leake, science and environment editor of The Sunday Times. Leake has close links with deniers and in fact based these stories directly on wild and unsubstantiated claims by sceptic bloggers, as uncovered by Tim Holmes.
Leake’s stories have been reproduced in the other Murdoch broadsheets, The Australian and the Wall Street Journal and of course have been amplified on Fox News, and are themselves now being referred to as Leakegate.
Yet these alleged mistakes – non-existent or trivial – with no implications whatever for the robustness of climate science have been deployed in a sophisticated campaign to blacken the reputations of the scientists responsible for alerting us to the perils of global warming.
Just when we should be urging immediate and deep cuts in global greenhouse gas emissions, the public is being lulled into disbelief, scepticism and apathy by a sustained and politically driven assault on the credibility of climate science. For this we will all pay dearly.
Clive Hamilton, The Drum Unleashed

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