Tuesday, March 2, 2010

If only we could see the gases.

Partisan, anti-science tirades against respected scientists have no place in respectable mainstream news outlets including their editorials & science blogs. They only accentuate the lack of understanding & appreciation for what climate science tells us about our future on this planet.

Time to get back to the basics of empirical evidence.
Atmospheric carbon dioxide is increasing. This is measured by hundreds of monitoring stations across the globe, all finding the same increasing trend (NOAA). The rising trend is confirmed by satellite measurements conducted independently by NASA, the European Space Agency and the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency. Combined with ice core measurements from Greenland and Antarctica, this tells us that atmospheric CO2 levels are the highest in over 15 million years (Tripati 2009).
Humans are emitting nearly twice as much CO2 as ends up remaining in the atmosphere. Measurements of carbon isotopes confirm that the rising CO2 originates from the burning of fossil fuel (Ghosh 2003). Further independent confirmation comes from observed falling oxygen levels caused by the burning of fossil fuel (Manning 2006).
Satellite measurements of outgoing longwave radiation find an enhanced greenhouse effect (Harries 2001, Griggs 2004, Chen 2007).
This heat build-up is manifesting itself across the globe. Arctic sea-ice loss is accelerating beyond the worst case scenarios of model forecasts (Stroeve 2007).
Antarctic and Greenland ice sheets are losing ice mass at an accelerating rate (Velicogna 2009).
This is speeding up sea level rise as observed by tidal gauges and satellite altimeters (Church 2006). Skeptical Science
If only we could see the gases.

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