Thursday, January 28, 2010

Science? Check! Technology? Check! Stimulus? Check in the Mail!!

The science & technologies are already here. We only need the political will to stand up to fossil fuel interests here & abroad and shift sufficient incentives & investment towards cleaner & renewable energy sources.
Energy from biomass heating fuel can be generated in a renewable, carbon-neutral system that leverages our natural resources to reduce our use of and dependence on imported fossil fuels.
Our collective goal should be to make heating with biomass as convenient as heating with oil or other fossil fuels, where turning on the heat is as easy as flicking a switch. The technology for such systems already exists, and, with legislative cooperation, education and technical support, and the responsible and efficient production of biomass fuel, we can help convert American homeowners and business owners to clean, green heat. US Renewable Energy Industry Needs the Heat in Biomass
Nat gas is the most likely alternative fuel to displace both coal & oil as wind & solar & other renewable energy systems along with smart grids are built out over the next few decades.
Natural gas is the cleanest of the fossil fuels, and electric utilities that burn it to generate electricity belch out half the amount of carbon dioxide emissions they produce when when they burn coal. Exxon-Xto Deal Forces Congress to Reconsider Natural Gas
Unfortunately, widespread new construction of mega-nukes no longer makes economic sense, although we should probably keep our enterprising foot in that advancing technology.
Estimates for new reactor construction costs continue to sky-rocket. Conservative estimates range between $6 and $12 billion per reactor but Standard & Poor's predicts a continued rise. The nuclear power industry is lobbying for heavy federal subsidization including unlimited loan guarantees but the Congressional Budget Office predicts the risk of default will be well over 50 percent, leaving taxpayers to foot the bill. Beyond Nuclear Costs

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