Thursday, January 28, 2010

BZ* AWEA! Record Wind Power for 2009

[*Bravo Zulu]

Speaking of figuring it out with the science out there...
The U.S. wind industry broke all previous records by installing close to 10,000 megawatts of new generating capacity in 2009 thanks to Recovery Act incentives. The total installed capacity in the U.S. is now over 35,000 MW. In 2009, 38 manufacturing facilities were brought online, announced or expanded. AWEA Year End 2009 Market Report
Do you realize that's equivalent to 10 nukes worth of electric power installed in a single year, for a grand total of 35 nukes worth to date? Why, that's already over a third of our total nuclear generating capacity, much of which is rapidly approaching end of life.

Texas leads the pack with 9.5 nukes worth of wind generated power, while Iowa has over 3.5 nukes worth & California almost 3 nukes worth, with 11 other states having 1 to 2 nukes worth each. 36 of 50 states now have utility-scale wind installations, & at least 37 more wind farms are currently under construction in at least 21 states. And you can expect a lot more as we buildout our smart grids.

Haven't heard of too many new U.S. nukes coming on line these days, have you?

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