Friday, November 23, 2007

2007 A Turning Point in Human History?

This Year, right now, marks a turning point in human history. We have arrived at our generation’s defining challenge - and greatest opportunity - because the truth is clear: people cause global warming and people must fix it immediately.

The 1Sky solutions are based upon what our best scientists say is necessary to stabilize our endangered climate. Achieving this goal promises an accelerated transition to a cleaner, more secure energy future. This platform will help us hold public officials accountable for delivering substantive global warming solutions.

Mobilize America for Solutions: Launch a Clean Energy Job Corps as the first wave and create 5 million new jobs in the United States. The Corps will help us conserve 20% of our energy by 2015 with a sweeping national mobilization for climate solutions, healthy communities, and energy independence.

Secure Our Future: Cut global warming pollution 30% by 2020. This will establish America as a strong partner in the global campaign for solutions, while getting us on a realistic path to reductions of at least 80% below 1990 levels by 2050, the level that scientists say is necessary. Pass climate policies to trigger a clean energy revolution that revitalizes our economy, enhances our security, protects consumers, and provides new opportunities to realize the American dream.

Transform Our Energy Priorities: Reprogram fossil fuel and highway investments for clean energy and transportation choices. Start with a firm moratorium on new coal plants, unless and until they can permanently dispose of their global warming pollution.
1Sky Solutions

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