Friday, January 14, 2011

Tour de France 2011 - Le parcours


Wheels roll, samedi 2 Juillet, Passage du Gois.

Le Tour 2011


  1. Just had to bring the cold with ya, huh?

  2. I am surprised you never mentioned Avalon. It was incredibly picturesque. And deserted on Super Bowl Sunday.

  3. Arles & Avignon, even better.

    This year's Tour passes thru neither, but Stage 15 sprints into Montpellier before heading for the Alps, less than an hour's drive to either.

    And next day is a day-off. Très magnifique!

    btw, your Avalon link didn't make the cut.

  4. Oops. I don't think my Anaheim link is working either. Both pics are in the same album so it shouldn't be a problem now.

    Way to stay on topic though. You are so good at that!

    I have only been to Paris. Fantabulous when you are extremely young and poor. Unforgettable.

  5. Used to Scuba Avalon back in my early cycling days.

    Don't miss the Tour of California.

    We plan to catch Stage 7 up Mt Baldy.

    Team RadioShack is riding, tho Lance hasn't yet committed.

  6. By "catch" do you mean ride or just spectate?

    Do you think Lance is a doper? Or just really beyond amazing?

  7. We never spectate; we test our limits.

    Any cowboy from Oak Cliff, Texas, who survives metastasized cancer & then dominates the Tour de France 7 years in a row, is beyond amazing. However, we'd not be surprised if the amazing marvels of modern pharmacology were a team player.

    Disappointed, but not surprised.

  8. Pretty impressive! Good luck!

    (I am assuming you are telling the truth, of course. Since I am unable to verify this information I am giving you the benefit of the doubt.)

    As far as Cowboy Lance goes, I truly hope he is clean, but I wouldn't be surprised either. Just another reason I don't follow professional sports - too much pressure, not enough integrity.

    At any rate - enjoy your tour! I will certainly enjoy mine.