Thursday, September 23, 2010

Global warming, where?


This is what Global Warming looks like from NRDC Broadcast Videos on Vimeo.


  1. Careful gabriellyn,

    There've been recent reports of a Chicago-style comic lurking about looking for content-free one-liners.

    Make sure you at least get some closing credit.

  2. Now, now, we'll have no taking the Lord's name in vain in these corridors of science.

  3. Humor often comes from the illusion of content.

    My new thing is bottom up deployment starting, for me, at a high school in Chicago.
    The pitch - buying a real piece of energy transformation.

  4. Illusion of content - what a beautiful phrase and so apropos.

    My little sister loves Chicago. Too cold for me. Good luck!

  5. "Humor often comes from the illusion of content."

    We know, we've seen your show.

    That was a joke.

  6. Wow, Paul - you have been doing stand up for really really long time. That was a nice write up in "The Chicago Tribune".

  7. It's not all glamor. This week, I'm at an Elk's club and a plumbing association.

  8. Trying to keep it clean for the plumbers won't be easy.

  9. I think this must be a record for highest number of comments on this blog.

  10. Everybody's welcome here. Why should anybody expect to be treated any different?

  11. Ah, you lost me there. Treated differently than the vast multitudes that are burning up the servers to post here?

  12. What, you still harbor some kind of residual elitist sentiment against fair treatment of the masses, Marie Antoinette? Have you no heart or dark chocolate or head?

    Besides, you're not our first. Joe Romm was, if memory still serves us, followed later by an overwhelming onrush of standup one-liners & Anons causing frequent overloads & outages.

    However, you are the most verbal.

    So what something special would someone so verbally here think appropriate from someone so overtly, never mind imperiously, running things?

    Just remember, Paul K was already in line ahead of you.

  13. Sometimes your wording is beyond beautiful. Pure art.

    But again I ask, what masses? It doesn't do you any good to exaggerate - the evidence, in this case, is quite clear.

    Too bad I detest "gabby" even though clearly I can be quite garrulous.

    As far as what would be appropriate from the overlord? I will have to think upon that.

  14. re: "even though clearly I can be quite garrulous."

    Don't be so kind to yourself.

    re: "I will have to think upon that."

    Just be sure it's within our earthly power to grant. We're not catholic priests here, ya know.

    And remember all the less-garrulous masses out there lurking.

  15. Hahahaha - yeah, all the ones burning up the servers, right? But I see your point.