Friday, September 10, 2010

Death is the Road to Awe.


Timescapes: "Death is the Road to Awe" from Tom Lowe @ Timescapes on Vimeo.


  1. Greetings, old man. This is beautiful. You are very persistent! I have to know - why are writing this blog? Your traffic is, ah, minimal, shall we say?

  2. No answer yet? Don't be shy - spill the beans!

  3. T'was an evolutionary thing, if memory serves.

    Hey, even Jesus & John had to start somewhere.

    What'd you expect, Strawberry Fields?

  4. You would like John Lennon. Evolutionary thing? And start somewhere? You've been writing this for years now. Incidentally, you are a very good writer, and an even better editor LOL. Why are you wasting your time with this leftist agenda crap?

  5. We try our progressive best to keep the company of many great musicians of many genres: JSBach, Vivaldi, George Winston, Wynton Marsalis, PP&M, Simon & Garfunkel, The Doors, Rolling Stones, CCR, Eagles, Eric Clapton, Tom Petty, Freddy Mercury, U2 -- catch our breath --Willie Nelson, Alan Jackson, Sarah McLachlan, Jewel, Enya, John Denver, Michael Hedges, Ottmar Liebert, Jesse Cook to name only a very few. And you?

    Evolutionary thing as in A Devil's Chaplain and A Short History of Nearly Everything which reincited & reinflamed our neural networks in our advanced years, so to speak. You should try it sometime, before the grey matter fossilizes, or are we too late for granny?

    And experimenting with the new designs & capabilities of website & blogging & virtual reality technologies. We'd already cut our baby teeth for a half-decade or so on stock bulletin boards. Talk about blood, sweat, & tears.

    Thx for the equivocal accolades, we think. However, educating & elevating your consciousness to recent planetary-scale developments in science & technology is hardly leftist agenda crap. They promise to propel us & our progeny & biodiversity into a healthier, wealthier, more secure, more fulfilling future, should homo sapiens sapiens apply them progressively & wisely.

    BTW, how's that texas tea party of no, not now, not ever thingy going for ya?

  6. Oh so formal, old man!

    Nice selection of old man music. I grew up with some of that and occasionally listen to it, but mostly I listen to Cinemagic on Sirius/XM. My favorite program is Hollywood Harmonies.

    I had already seen "A Devil's Chaplain" thanks to google - I actually do plan on reading it. Eventually. Thank you for the recommendation.

    I have some suggestions for your blog, but I won't bother with them because my time is extremely limited and I absolutely hate to waste it. Plus I hate typing. You really are an outstanding writer - that is obvious.

    Hmm... Tea Party? What makes you think I am a part of the Tea Party? Is that what you want to know? My political affiliation?

  7. Formality, like beauty, is in the spectacled eye of the beholder.

    We'll tune in Cinemagic next time we fire up the old Sirius boombox to keep the yard workers company. But Michael Hedges, Ottmar Liebert, Jesse Cook, old man music? You & they have apparently never met. Hey, Jesse! Now watch what happens to your body parts.

    And Richard says to make sure you buy the book.

    Suggestions? We're always open, even when we're not home. Keys under the doormat.

    We were told that in HS & again in college, but alas, we've wasted it away on decades of technical & legal writing, &, if rumors be true, leftist agenda crap.

    Political affiliations are like one's age; as the years roll on by, it takes a bigger pot o makeup to screed over all the scars & creases, never mind conceal the wrinkles & blemishes. That said, we scurried about the ridges & hollers of West-by-God-Virginia as a sleepy democrat, converted to the GOP during the Reagan years like any good nuclear engineer, turned independent rogue during the Perot debacle, & finally woke up older & wiser & unaffiliated. Our voting history looks more like a red-starred paper target at a carnival shooting gallery, shredded paper all over tarnation but bits of red still showing. And you?

    Can we take off the red & blue striped tie now?

  8. I didn't say old man music was bad, just old. ;-) I don't have much room to talk, after all, I listen to show tunes. Jesse Cook sounds lovely. I really do enjoy acoustical guitar music. However, anything labeled "new age" is old man music.

    Richard says buy the book - as in, you know him personally and discussed this with him or just generically "buy the book"?

    First suggestion: what is "we"?. I get the whole "Janus" thing and all, but really, who are you? You have to be bit more personal and bit less imperious. Besides, I want to know. Not very many people pique my curiosity but you have. I have no doubt you have googled me. Surely you know quite a bit if you are at all curious and that puts you at a distinct advantage. Not very fair if you ask me.

    Let's not discuss wrinkles in any context. I am not nearly as young as you sometimes charmingly imply. Regarding political affiliations it seems we have taken similar paths. Mine is perhaps a bit shorter but it appears we have arrived in a similar place.

  9. Okay, you have to respond more quickly than this. I have limited time and other obsessions to feed. Speed it up, old man! Try some Super B Complex.

  10. Who are we? We ask that question everyday in the mirror, with toothbrush in mouth.

    Back in our days of frequenting stock bulletin boards, we learned the hard way that information about one[two?]self can be fodder for any who would do you & your reputation harm. We actually had to relearn some of those lessons, though to a lesser degree, on SciGuy. So we figure Anonymity with a capital 'A' is to be greatly prized & guarded in the online virtual world. Hence, IANVS & a dearth of real personal data. We reserve the real us for our family & friends.

    "We" & the commensurate imperious attitude is an anachronism from the days of kings & queens, though still used by certain dignitaries even today. As far as we know, our humble roots do not spring from any blue bloods, but a gene or two from an old country dictator are real possibilities. We actually harbor an even-handed personality, although sometimes that man-o-war sets sail. Our boys would agree.

    "We" also makes light of the dualism of body & soul that the Sisters of St. Joseph & later the Society of Jesus steeped our youth in.

    And finally (don't believe it for a moment), as you've seen, our virtual names & personalities(yes, we have several) allows us to explore different techniques for uncovering another's true positions & motivations & agenda in all their blemishes & wrinkles. All while preserving our own. Not very fair of us, we know.

    Come to think of it, "we" also allows us to speak for our partner & sons without them knowing a thing about it. Shhh!

    And now you know all our secrets.

    Regarding buying the book, we have only met Prof. Dawkins in his books & Real Time appearances. Does a brief encounter with PZ Myers count for anything? He's been working on his book for years, too.

    New Age is an old school misnomer. Jesse Cook & his contemporaries are best described as Nouveau Flamenco enlaced with World Fusion. We play it whenever dodging SoCal traffic & not tuning in PBS on XM. Play it loud. We love it.

  11. Gonna take some Super B & Ginkgo right now so we'll have the energy to remember what we're supposed to do next.

    Gotta take care of some business. Later, perhaps.

  12. Indeed. Make sure it's a double dose for full effect.