Friday, April 9, 2010

Holy Money of Christ!

Fr. Marcial Maciel Degollado (March 10, 1920 – January 30, 2008), the grand-nephew of a recently canonized Mexican saint & a prodigious pederast, pedophile, & bigamist, operated a powerful fundamentalist cult, the Legion of Christ & its bastard child Regnum Christi, deep within the culpable hallowed bowels of Holy Mother Church for over 65 years. God bless his buggering soul.
One of the critical legacies of Pope John Paul II was his unwavering support for the biggest institutional force in the greater conspiracy to commit and hide sex abuse in the Catholic Church. I'm referring to the Legion of Christ, a creepy, vast, enormously wealthy church within a church, run by pederast, pedophile, bigamist and con artist, Marcial Maciel. Maciel, who was addicted to morphine, abused (at least) twenty seminarians and had (at least) two wives, and several children. The Legion at its peak had resources of $33 billion. His chief enablers and supporters were, of course, the theocons, who got a thrill up the leg observing this strictly orthodox leadership cult, combining the political and social attitudes of the 1950s with the oomph of modern day evangelical growth and money.
Compulsive child-rapist Fr. Maciel was also a favorite of Pope John Paul II and the theocons, Richard John Neuhaus, Jeb Bush, Rick Santorum, Bill Bennett, Bill Donohue, & Mary Ann Glendon.
Richard John Neuhaus was a staunch supporter and dismissed all the charges against Maciel with "moral certainty." Jeb Bush and Rick Santorum spoke at Legion conferences. Bill Bennett spoke at Legion events and said, "I am fortunate enough to know and trust the priests of the Legionaries of Christ. ... The flourishing of the Legionaries is a cause for hope in a time of much darkness." Bill Donohue supported Maciel against now-substantiated charges of abuse. But in some ways, Maciel's most disturbing enabler was Mary Ann Glendon, Harvard Law Professor and former ambassador to the Vatican.
With the Legion's $33 billion, this ordained mass molester, in the name of Christ, bought sacrosanct silence for his crimes, if not absolution for his abominations, from consecrated Cardinals. Holy Mother of Christ, where's the Wrath of the Almighty when you need Him?
So this multiple rapist and bigamist essentially got away with his crimes because he bought silence from key Vatican officials, at the very least by ingratiating himself by donating huge amounts to the church and at the very most by directly bribing key officials with envelopes stuffed with cash.
And Cardinal Ratzinger knew it and waited another 4 years? Ya gotta be kidding me, Il Papa!
Benedict XVI knew all of this. To his credit, he was clearly troubled by it, and never accepted its compromising money. But given the authority to pursue Maciel in 2001, Ratzinger held off for four years until Maciel's protector, John Paul II, was incapacitated and near death. Which means to say: Ratzinger knew what had gone on, and allowed a clear molester and bigamist to remain a pillar of John Paul II's church for years.
Jesu H. Christe, is nothing sacred?

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