Thursday, April 15, 2010

Earth to Houston: The heat is on!

As writer Elizabeth Kolbert points out in the current issue of the New Yorker, “The message from scientists at this point couldn't be clearer: the world's emissions trajectory is extremely dangerous. Goofball weathermen, Climategate, conspiracy theories — these are all a distraction from what's really happening.”
Hurricanes are heat engines, and the ocean waters are already hot, hot, hot.
For those of us living in hurricane-vulnerable areas, keep in mind this ominous measurement: Sea surface temperatures in the Atlantic main development area for tropical storms last month were the warmest ever recorded for March, already reaching levels typical of late June. The conjunction of several climate patterns combined with ongoing overall warming of the world's oceans is thought to be the cause.
This is deadly serious stuff. Deal with it!
Despite all the spinning and hot air, the science is solid and global warming is a real, deadly serious concern. It's time to deal with it.
The heat goes on: After a blitz by climate change skeptics, hard science vindicates their targets

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