Monday, March 15, 2010


Virtually everyone with cable TV knows who & what Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh, & Sean Hannity are & look like, but isn't it about time we had an updated most wanted deck of cards, akin to Monbiot's royal flush, to help the public actually see who the worst offenders are, their denial offenses, & the status of their prosecution, incarceration, or conversion?

Might we suggest the following list of anti-science offenders to get the deck a-shuffling?

James Inhofe - Ace of Spades
Rex Tillerson - King of Diamonds
Steve McIntyre - Queen of Hearts
Anthony Watts - Jack of Clubs
Roger Pielke Jr. -
Jonathan Leake - Joker
Timothy Ball
Richard Lindzen
Bjorn Lomborg
Ross McKitrick
Patrick Michaels
Steve Milloy
Christopher Monckton
Marc Morano
Ian Plimer
Frederick Seitz
S. Fred Singer
Roy Spencer

DeSmogBlog's Disinformation Database

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