Sunday, March 21, 2010

Evolving in a land down under

And still yet another ungodly heathen blog for all you naturally evolving freethinking agnostic Yanks out there from a land down under:
I have often said that I want atheism to become a normalised aspect of modern society (and of course that implies also that I want religious belief and agnosticism, but not religious exclusivism, to be normalised). I take a “let a thousand flowers bloom” philosophy for social polity. So I want to suggest a term: Affirmative atheism. Atheists need to be able to affirm their right to exist, partake in civil society, and so forth without being prejudicially treated (as they were, to my shame, by the Australian media when the Atheism conference was held in Melbourne, and which is why PZ was here). Evolving Thoughts
And capitalism? God forbid we fuhgeddaboudit.
I get 10% of all profit from that term.

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