Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Back to the Dark Ages

re: The Dark Ages return: Texas Board of Education rewrites the Enlightenment

We should be very clear about this. Not only do many, if not most, deniers believe passionately & stupidly that changes can be avoided, but that they can return Texas, if not the rest of the continent, to the booming 1950's when a godfearing white America dominated the world. They believe fervently & partisanly that global warming is a hoax conjured up by socialist, if not communist, forces of anti-American liberal leftists funded by Soros' billions & proseytized by high priest AlGore to overthrow Texas' (aka ExxonMobil) energy supremacy & steal away their well-paid oil jobs along with their guns & god-given freedoms.

And make no mistake, to accomplish this, Texan deniers are willing to trash, if not secede from, this nation which to them has become hopelessly godless & all too colored, if not anti-white, esp. now with the blacks in control of the White House & the dems of Congress.

Texas deniers & their bronze-age god are willing to sacrifice science, education, & their children's standard of living to maintain the primacy of ultra-conservative, if nor fundamentalist, religious "family values", so-called free-market ideology, and, perhaps most importantly, white dominance, if not supremacy.

They have been hoodwinked & disinformed by their own self-serving, power-mad, religious & libertarian leaders and teabagged by Fox News, Glenn Beck, & Rush Limbaugh, all liberally -- excuse the expression -- funded by ExxonMobil foreign oil profits & taxpayer subsidies & other ultra-conservative & business-as-usual interests. God, guns, oil, & Texas.

So who needs education anyway?

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