Monday, February 22, 2010

I want my Bloom Box!

Betcha John Doerr & Colin Powell are happy as hell to see a 60 Minutes' story about their NASA scientist reaping the techno-rewards of going to Mars without actually going to Mars.

Dr. K.R. Sridhar took in the ballpark of $400 million of venture capital over 8 years & converted the technology he developed for NASA's Mars-mission bound O2 generator into a clean-tech fuel-cell that generates electric power on planet Earth. Bake a little beach sand, cut a stack of ceramic squares, coat with green & black "secret sauce" inks, then inter-stack with cheap metal-alloy plates. Add fuel & air &, voila, electric power 7/24.

Stick a bank of these $700-800K per babies into your local substation or neighborhood park & hook 'em up to nat gas or a local landfill, & tell it to the electric company. No nukes, no coal burners, no grid.

Of course, with a 20% California green subsidy & 30% fed tax break, you can get half off or a twofer.

Bloom Boxes are already being field-tested by 20 major companies in California: Google, Ebay, FedEx, Walmart, Staples, etc.

Wanna bet who buys out Bloom Energy? GE? Siemens? ABB? India? China?

The Bloom Box: An Energy Breakthrough?

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