Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Earth to Eureka!

My Dear Eureka,

I know I haven't been myself these days, but there's something I've wanted to share before you go & get half-cocked with any swinging Steve, Dick, or Tony.

Seriously now, Steve McIntyre's Climate Audit (CA) isn't just any old anti-science blog that perpetuates global warming denial & launches smear attacks on highly-respected leading climate scientists to sabotage the science and delay any timely action. It cloaks itself in pseudo-science to ensnare unwary weaker minds stumbling through the denialosphere. In fact, CA belongs on a Eureka's Top 10 Anti-science Blogs, second only to Anthony Watts' WUWT.

For some time now, Steve McIntyre & Climate Audit's anti-science campaign has been tagged & bagged by a number of discerning intellects across the science blogosphere.
Along with The Real Climate McCarthy.

So use your head & don't fall for any bullsh*t lines from these self-serving shysters & science saboteurs. Be smart & only settle for real climate science.

Your hot hockey mom,

Planet Earth

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