Friday, February 12, 2010

China corners wind like no tomorrow.

Awaken, America! China has gobbled up our solar-powered breakfast & is now woofing down our wind-powered lunch, while ExxonMobil continues to fund anti-science denial front-groups to obstruct our overdue transition to a sustainable clean energy economy.

China doubles installed capacity for fifth year running – Global markets up 31%.

China again doubles wind power capacity in one year.
Brussels, 3 February 2010. The Global Wind Energy Council today announced that the world’s wind power capacity grew by 31% in 2009, adding 37.5 GW to bring total installations up to 157.9 GW. A third of these additions were made in China, which experienced yet another year of over 100% growth.
Wind power is already the clean energy technology of choice around the world.
“The continued rapid growth of wind power despite the financial crisis and economic downturn is testament to the inherent attractiveness of the technology, which is clean, reliable and quick to install. Wind power has become the power technology of choice a growing number of countries around the world.”
And already provides ~500,000 jobs & growing fast.
Wind energy is now an important player in the world’s energy markets. The global wind market for turbine installations in 2009 was worth about 45 bn EUR or 63 bn US$. GWEC estimates that around half a million people are now employed by the wind industry around the world.
China added an additional 13,000 MW (equivalent to 13 nuclear power plants) of wind power capacity in 2009 alone, doubling capacity each year for 5 years running now.
China was the world’s largest market in 2009, nearly doubling its wind generation capacity from 12.1 GW in 2008 to 25.1 GW at the end of 2009 with new capacity additions of 13 GW.
Putting China on track for 150,000 MW of wind power capacity in less than 10 years. Holy thermalized neutrons! That's equivalent to 150 new nuclear power plants by 2020.
“The Chinese government is taking very seriously its responsibility to limit CO2 emissions while providing energy for its growing economy. China is putting strong efforts into developing the country’s tremendous wind resource. Given the current growth rates, it can be expected that the even the unofficial target of 150 GW will be met well ahead of 2020.”
Asia is now the biggest wind power market in the world.
Newly added capacity of 1,270 MW in India and some smaller additions in Japan, South Korea and Taiwan make Asia the biggest regional market for wind energy in 2009, with more than 14 GW of new capacity.
Time to wake up, America, before we have to ship even more mega-billions of our taxpayer dollars to the communists in Beijing just to pay the interest on our national debt.

Global wind power boom continues despite economic woes

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