Saturday, February 6, 2010

"Anti-science denier" defined & derailed.

an-ti-sci-ence de⋅ni⋅er [an-tahy, an-tee] [sahy-uhns] [di-nahy-er]

– noun, plural -ers

1. one who denies science, scientific evidence, and the harsh realities revealed by science, such as climate science & climate change.

2. one who denies climate science, evolutionary science, medical science, or any respectable fields of science.

3. these days, esp. in the blogosphere, often used in lieu of climate science denier, climate change denier, climate denier, or just good old fashioned denier.

4. in Climate science, one who incessantly denies the climate science, denies the climate science evidence, denies the climate science processes, & repeatedly, often rabidly, attacks highly-respected, leading climate scientists.

5. in Climate science, one who compulsively repeats the recycled & debunked anti-science & denial that ferments on anti-science denier websites like WATTSUPHISBUTT (WUWT) & the tobacco-like anti-science disinformation & denial campaigns of fossil-fuel funded anti-science denier groups & their attack dogs.

6. in Climate science, one who attempts to sabotage the quality of commentary on science blogs & websites by launching landslides of thoroughly despicable personal ad hom attacks upon honest, dedicated climate scientists, while simultaneously intimidating & bashing sincerely curious commenters.

7. in Climate science, one who is usually blocked or banned from posting on rational science blogs like RealClimate, although every now & then one does get through with a clever-in-his-own-mind disguise.

8. in Climate science, one who ignores the comment policies & warnings of science blog hosts until they find themselves no longer welcome and often banned.

9. in Climate science, (plural) usually travel in herds, mooing & milling about in the same recycled manure.

10. in Psychology, one who exhibits the defense mechanism of reducing anxiety by denying facts or harsh realities.

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1350–1400; ME; see deny, -er 1

1. denialist, troll, nincompoop, piece-of-work, misanthrope, WattsUpHisButter, sh*t-for-brains, teabagger, creationist.

1. informed citizen, open-minded individual, attentive student, lover of science, educated person, intelligent being, sober realist, secularist.

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