Friday, January 29, 2010

Will Watts light up DotEarth?

And, if you find the inclination, here's a more progressive look:
Masters is much more generous to Watts than Watts has been the entire scientific community, which he has repeatedly accused of fraud and bad faith. Watts has responded on his website, but most of the response is non-substantive, process-related whining that appears to be contradicted by reporting by Andy Revkin at DotEarth. Watts not to love: New study finds the poor weather stations tend to have a slight COOL bias, not a warm one
Just don't miss the comments there or on Andy Revkin's DOT EARTH where some salivating climate scientists await their afternoon feeding.
The ball is clearly in Mr. Watts’s court. The peer-reviewed literature awaits. On Weather Stations and Climate Trends
Think Tony'll show?

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