Thursday, January 31, 2008

Tune in National Geographic!

The National Geographic Channel has some excellent educational programs for the whole family starting tonight...
Imagine a world where melting ice caps have raised sea levels by 20 feet and where the great coastal cities of the world could be under water. It is a nightmare scenario that could one day turn into reality. Now, Naked Science separates fact from fiction to discover the real science behind climate change, the melting ice caps and why powerful hurricanes have doubled in number in the past 30 years. Naked Science: Glacier Meltdown
Scientific models predict that a shift in the global average temperature of only 6 Celsius (or 10.8 Fahrenheit) could induce cataclysmic changes unlike any experienced during human life on Earth. Six Degrees Could Change the World visualizes in spectacular high definition the devastating ecological impact that each single degree increase in temperature could have on our planet over the next century. Six Degrees Could Change the World

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