Saturday, January 26, 2008


AGU calls for scientists to educate the public & communicate with policy-makers to shape our future climate.
Members of the AGU, as part of the scientific community, collectively have special responsibilities: to pursue research needed to understand it; to educate the public on the causes, risks, and hazards; and to communicate clearly and objectively with those who can implement policies to shape future climate. Human Impacts on Climate
Dr. Nisbett maintains that many scientists are giving fresh thought to their roles as communicators and contributors to policy. Indeed, the AGU's statement advocates a more active role for its members in communicating their work to the public and to people "who can implement policies to shape the future of climate."
This is a significant shift for the 50,000-member organization. "The AGU has not done this in the past," says AGU president Timothy Killeen. The American Geophysical Union's warning Thursday reflects an increasingly vocal scientific community.

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